Network Maintenance


Network maintenance is scheduled to occur on 1/7/2012 at 7p.m.  We will be installing a new network switch and the systems should only be offline for a few mintues.  This will only affect internet connectivity of our servers and they will not require a restart.

7th Jan 2012
SSL Issuing Resumes

GlobalSign's issuing system is now back online.  We can now begin fulfillment of all outstanding orders.  For the next couple of days we will be processing orders manually.  Anyone with an order waiting to be completed can open a SSL support ticket with their CSR and the order will be processed.  Be sure to include the approver email address ... Read More »

15th Sept 2011
GlobalSign Still Down

We have been monitoring the status of GlobalSign's issuing system throughout the day and unfortunatley it is still down.  Thanks to all who have been very patient while they work to get thier systems back online.



13th Sept 2011
GlobalSign Announcement

Dear valued GlobalSign Customer, Please read the below update in regards to the reactivation of GlobalSign services. The investigation and high threat approach to returning services to normal continues and GlobalSign is working with a number of organizations to audit the process of reactivating issuance. We will be bringing system components back ... Read More »

12th Sept 2011
GlobalSign Temporarily Halts SSL Certificate Issuing

From GlobalSign: On September 5th, 2011 the individual/group previously confirmed to have hacked several Comodo resellers, claimed responsibility for the recent DigiNotar & Startcom hacks. In his message posted on Pastebin, he referred to also having access to 4 other high profile Certificate Authorities, and named GlobalSign as the 4th. ... Read More »

10th Sept 2011