Use A Blackberry WIth Your Own Domain and Email Address

Use A Blackberry With Your Own Domain & Email Address

So you want to use your own email on your Blackberry rather than using the default email setup by your mobile or cell phone provider? The solution is pretty simple, as it goes; and anyone should be able to get it up and running. Here’s how:

Setting Up The Email in CPanel

Irrespective of whether you have a POP account for the email in question or not, the best way to setup the address in CPanel is to setup an email forwarder. Login to CPanel and go to "Mail" > "Email Forwarders". Then create the forwarder, providing your email name with your own domain and then in the second box, enter the email address allotted by your service provider.

Setting Up The Email on the Blackberry

Under the email settings on the Blackberry setup the "Reply-To" address as the same as the forwarding address you just created in CPanel. This way you can reply to emails with you chosen address, but will be sending them using your provider’s login details, and for all intent and purpose to the recipient it will look as if it came from your forwarding address

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